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The Ephrata Area Education Foundation was founded in 2004 by Gerry Rosati, the Ephrata Area School District’s superintendent at the time. His desire was to develop a community-led foundation board to support the school district’s educational mission in ways the regular budget would only sometimes allow. Hence, “we take the risk, so taxpayers don’t” invest in new ideas that have not yet been proven in practice. If programs are successful, the district can add to its budget. If not, it isn’t renewed, and no tax money is lost.

In 2005, the first Venture Grants were awarded. Since then, the Foundation has granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to teachers and administrators for classroom activities and projects that help students understand standard curriculum through a fresh perspective and hands-on experience.

Through the years, the Ephrata Area Education Foundation adopted some of the Venture Grant programs that were proven very successful. Called our Signature Programs, they include:

The Foundation is overseen by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors including:

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