Signature Programs: Elevating Education with Support from the Ephrata Area Education Foundation

The Ephrata Area Education Foundation is proud to annually fund a diverse range of Signature Programs aimed at enriching the educational experience of students in our community. These programs, carefully curated and thoughtfully designed, receive dedicated funding to ensure their successful implementation and lasting impact.

For the academic year 2023-24, the Ephrata Area Education Foundation has allocated a total funding of $101,000 towards these Signature Programs. This significant investment underscores the foundation’s commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in education.

By dedicating resources to Signature Programs, the foundation prioritizes targeted initiatives that address specific needs and interests within our educational landscape. Whether it’s advancing STEM education, nurturing artistic talents, promoting physical fitness and wellness, or facilitating community engagement, these programs offer invaluable opportunities for students to explore, learn, and grow.

The Ephrata Area Education Foundation recognizes the importance of providing students with well-rounded experiences that go beyond the confines of traditional classroom instruction. Through the support of these Signature Programs, students can delve into areas of interest, unlock their full potential, and develop a lifelong love for learning.

We are immensely grateful for the ongoing support and generosity of our community, as it is through your contributions that these transformative Signature Programs continue to thrive. Together, we can empower our students, inspire excellence, and shape a brighter future for education in Ephrata.

Coding Contest Coding Contest Learn More

The EAEF Coding Contest

Coding Contest

One of the most popular programs in the Ephrata Area School District, The Ephrata Area Education Foundation Coding Contest challenges students K-8 grade to create a computer program using code. They can make a game, an app, or another project that involves coding skills. Kids learn presentation skills, as they are asked to present their program to a group of judges, problem solving skills to figure out an issue and fix it, and team work if they are working with a group of two or three.

Coding Contest


Coding Contest

Corny Days Corny Days Learn More

Corny Days

The Outdoor Learning Center was launched in the spring of 2003 to provide innovative, real life experiences to learners.  Situated within more than sixty acres of farmland on Hummer Street in Ephrata Township, the center was designed to offer hands-on educational experience for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. This initiative, in collaboration with the Ephrata community, helps prepare students for successful careers in agriculture, science, food, and natural resource systems. In addition, The Outdoor Learning Center provides lessons to students of all ages in chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, genetics, agriculture, mathematics, and much more. ​


corny days volunteers



THANK YOU to all the volunteers who make this day possible.

Ephrata Early Learning Ephrata Early Learning Learn More

Ephrata Early Learning

The District is dedicated to the success of the youngest members of the community. Statistics strongly support the need for early-learning development, as 85 percent of a child’s communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are developed by age five. Additional data shows a strong correlation between early literacy skills and a child’s chance for academic success. Young children need positive influences to build this foundation and prepare them for success in school and in life.



Quiz Bowl Team Quiz Bowl Team Learn More

Quiz Bowl

The Ephrata Area Education Foundation’s invaluable support has been instrumental in providing funding for the Quiz Bowl Team. Recognizing the team’s dedication to academic excellence and their commitment to representing their school, the foundation has generously contributed financial resources to ensure the team’s continued success. By investing in the Quiz Bowl Team, the Ephrata Area Education Foundation has not only demonstrated their belief in the importance of academic pursuits but also in the development of critical thinking skills and teamwork among students. The foundation’s support has not only empowered the Quiz Bowl Team but also contributed to the overall educational enrichment of the students involved.


STEAM Days STEAM Days Learn More


The EASD Elementary STEAM DAYS are designed to build knowledge, awareness, and excitement for scientific and technological pursuits. In addition to introducing critical concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, the learning opportunities and assemblies promote many EASD Life Ready Graduate traits, including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.


STEAM days


VEX Robotics Team VEX Robotics Team Learn More

VEX Robotics Team

The VEX Robotics team has been fortunate to receive valuable financial support from the Ephrata Area Education Foundation. This foundation plays a crucial role in promoting educational opportunities for students interested in robotics and STEM fields. The partnership between the VEX Robotics team and the Ephrata Area Education Foundation demonstrates a shared commitment to providing students with the resources they need to excel in the exciting world of robotics and technology.

Texas Competition was the National’s for the Robotics Team. Ended 37 of the 81 teams in our division going 5-5. They were 130 in skills out of 815.

Mounts Fund/Investment Club Learn More

Mounts Fund/Investment Club

Ephrata High School (EHS) graduate Kai Mast’s childhood lessons in saving money fueled his passion for investing, motivating him to join EHS’s investment club with a $30,000 real-money fund. Recognizing the practical value of real-world experience, Kai seized the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to tangible investments. Spearheaded by Mr. Larry Hagen, this unique club seeks to teach students about stock markets through hands-on participation. After discovering that only one other high school in the country operates a similar club, Mr. Hagen collaborated with the Ephrata Area Education Foundation (EAEF) to secure funding. The program’s goal is to impart well-informed investment decision-making skills, stock research, idea presentation, and collaborative financial choices. Students manage all facets of the Mounts Fund, including officer elections and investment selection. Mr. Hagen’s certification course enables students to vote on stocks after researching and justifying their choices. The experience translates effectively to real-life work skills, according to EAEF Board Member Mr. Mark Thompson. The annual transition of fund management ensures ongoing student engagement, while Mr. Hagen’s aspiration to display stock performance on school monitors aims to inspire interest in saving and investing among the student body.


students participating the the mounts fund investment club

students participating the the mounts fund investment club

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